Convert Questions into Sales.

Shopper Answers

Shopper Answers Overview

Help shoppers properly evaluate your products by publishing answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) on your site, as well as distributing them in near-real time across your retail partner sites.

Optimize Product Content

Detailed reports let you analyze the questions being asked by shoppers. Insights can be leveraged to tweak content, proactively provide additional information or create new assets to further move shoppers down the path to purchase.

Build Brand Loyalty

The “Ask a Question” feature lets you provide timely answers to shoppers’ questions about your products. Alerts are sent each time a new question comes up, so you can respond directly to shoppers via branded email and deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Separate the engaged consumer from the casual browser, influence pre-purchase decisions, connect directly with consumers and optimize your product content with valuable analytics.

Provide Invaluable Information.

With Shopper Answers, you can always be one step ahead and proactively answer shoppers’ most frequently asked questions. This will help to collapse the sales cycle and result in more satisfied customers.

Create Dialogue.

“Ask a Question” puts control into shoppers’ hands and lets them pose any outstanding questions to you. Direct and immediate response will help in driving the final outcome.

Additional Resources

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Manufacturers see an average 12.8% lift when enhanced content is present on retailer product pages.