Voice of the Customer

Shopper Ratings

Shoppers are more likely to purchase when peer feedback is available.

Peer Feedback

User-generated content plays a big role in helping shoppers vet product decisions. Capture and publish invaluable product feedback.

Visual Content.

Shopper Ratings can be delivered as compelling graphics that spark online shopper interest. This includes Product Category Rankings, Shopper Attribute-Level Ratings and Customer Recommendation Scores.

Gain Shopper Insights.

Use our analytics suite for a look into how consumers view your products, brand reputation and overall standing in the category. You can also use the predictive analytics data to identify highest and lowest-rated products which can influence promotional and stocking decisions.

Improve SEO.

Shopper Ratings enables retailers to capture a stream of fresh content right on the product pages to increase visibility with search engines. More product content is indexed by search engines—and that means higher organic search rankings for your product detail pages.

Products averaging a rating of four stars receive 11.6 times more orders than products with an average star rating of 3.

80-90% of consumers feel that online reviews influence their buying decisions.

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Product sales conversion rates are at least 10% higher when manufacturer content is present on retailer product detail pages.