News | May 25, 2017

The pressure is mounting to stay current

While it’s true that ecommerce is vital to most brand and retailer revenue stories, never has it influenced as much of the marketplace as it does today, or grown as quickly. In fact, the NRF projects 2017 online retail sales to grow 8-12% — about 3 times higher than the industry at large.

As we head into the summer lull before the excitement of the holidays, the pressure is mounting to stay current in this quickly evolving space. Indeed the most important task we have – growing sales and growing our market — depends on recognizing new opportunities and challenges as they arise, and being flexible enough to quickly adapt.

It’s no secret that mobile has rewritten the rules. Power has shifted from businesses to consumers. Waiting has become a thing of the past. And, if your content does not meet shopper demands on the small screen, they will swipe elsewhere to find what they want.

Mobile plays an even stronger role in summer spending. When you think about purchasing habits for dads and grads, weddings, vacations, cookouts and back to school — think smartphones and tablets, and adjust your content to accommodate. After all, you don’t see too many laptops at pools, beaches or barbecues.

When it comes to content, high quality images are crucial, so we’ve included some best practices for you in this newsletter. Also think about breathing new authenticity and personality into product stories by adding UGC and reviews, which continue to be top trends for 2017.

Our digital dominant, mobile-first world creates tremendous growth opportunities. Immersive shopper experiences sell more product — and no platform delivers enriched content at scale like ours.

The lazy days of summer are the perfect time to modify your approach by reallocating resources to create even better quality, mobile-responsive content to see the best results this summer and start the holiday season on a high note.

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