News | September 27, 2017

How to Own Your Brand

We’re living in a world where consumer habits have forever changed the way business is done. The landscape has changed profoundly from the days when shoppers purchased merchandise at malls and consumers were loyal to retailers in storefronts.

 Consumer navigation has created a storefront that is digital, no matter where the purchase takes place. Shoppers are driven by immediacy and convenience, researching heavily across an entire Internet of sites to get the experiences they’re looking for. And if they don’t find what they want, they just keep swiping. Even inside stores, shoppers use smartphones to research products in a way that has made them increasingly retailer agnostic.

This presents a huge challenge to manufacturers, who can no longer rely on channel partners to generate the kind of consumer loyalty and traffic needed to hit KPIs. The pressure of brand ownership has shifted solely and squarely on the shoulders of the manufacturer.

To be successful, brands have to embrace this new reality and be ready with their “A” game throughout the path to purchase, armed with their most powerful weapon: top-notch product content.

 With the volume of information at consumer’s disposal, product content puts the power of the brand back in the hands of the manufacturer. Content creates the experience, gives the brand a clear, compelling voice and provides the opportunity to connect with consumers on a deeper level across the digital shelf.

That’s why quality is so important. Inconsistent, inaccurate or incomplete content will cost the brand not just sales, but integrity. A rich product detail page with consistent, accurate content has an impact that is clear and measurable: When shoppers are exposed to great content, we’ve seen conversion rates increase anywhere from 12 to 36 percent**, depending on category.

But the biggest story of all is when shoppers engage with enhanced content. We’ve done even more extensive research at a leading retailer site and found unequivocally that when shoppers interact with rich product content, conversion rates increase by an astounding 390 percent***.

A growing, changing marketplace makes all of us better and keeps us on our toes. In today’s complex landscape, the takeaway is clear: Businesses that make product content a priority will continue to hold a strategic advantage. Now, more than ever before, keeping a firm thumbprint on that content across the channel is necessary to maintain brand integrity, create seamless, consistent experiences and deepen the consumer loyalty that is fundamental to owning your brand.

** Ongoing Webcollage A/B testing

*** Webcollage retailer conversion tests