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Analytics Suite

Knowledge is power and it also sells products. Arm yourself with sophisticated analytics tools to keep your content rich and engaging. Our analytics suite incorporates usage and performance data in an interactive dashboard, to help you gain the intelligence you need to sell more.

Robust Performance Data

Analyze key data and gather actionable insights to refine product content and meet your marketing goals.

Executive Reports

Get custom-tailored consumer data on content views, unique shoppers and incremental sales estimates — driven by your content initiatives.

In Depth Content Reports

See how your content resonates with shoppers, with data on views, impressions and clicks — enhanced with deeper views into user sessions, and refined data on content engagement and path to purchase.

Consumer Insights

Pinpoint what content is being viewed, along with where and how it’s being viewed — by retailer, browser and device.

Always On

Analyze performance data any time! It’s available 24-7 in a password-protected dashboard, and can be scheduled for regular delivery at your convenience. Snapshot reporting data is frequently updated — so you have access to key updates on a regular basis.

Visual Reporting

Gain key insights in for your top-performing products, delivered in a visually compelling way, with numerous options for filtering, visualization preferences and exporting.

Company A and Company B graphs

Snapshot Reports for Manufacturers

Get quick visual representations of key metrics for top products. Product Content Delivery Snapshots show most viewed products and top retailers with insights including device type and operating system. Product Content Engagement Snapshots deliver data on what product content generates the most shopper interaction — viewable by product page and content type — to help you fine-tune content and boost conversions. Learn more.

Snapshot Reports for Retailers

Site Content Delivery Snapshots help retailers understand what products and brands are viewed most often. Site Content Engagement Snapshots provide data on top content by interactions, to help analyze the impact of rich product content on shopper engagement and conversions. Learn more.

Predictive Analysis
Content Optimization Research and Education

Get a treasure trove of data to help you refine product content to sell more online with C.O.R.E. — a predictive analytics feature that delivers in-depth feedback on your product page components.

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Predictive Analytics for Retailers

Ready to boost your sales?

Product sales conversion rates are at least 10% higher when manufacturer content is present on retailer product detail pages.