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Analytics Suite

Webcollage provides a comprehensive suite of product analytics tools to help you understand how your content is performing. The analytics suite now incorporates usage data, consumer insights and predictive reporting to ensure all product content is crafted to sell the most online.

Collect Performance Data

Gather actionable insights to see how your content is performing, and to inform future content creation.

Executive Level Reports

Gather data on content views, unique shoppers and estimated incremental sales driven by your content initiatives.

In Depth Content Reports

See if your content is hitting the mark through analysis of shopper responses, views, impressions and clicks.

Consumer Insights

Identify who your best target may be based on geographic information, browser and other consumer insights.

Always On

Performance data is accessible 24 x 7 in a password-protected dashboard, and can be scheduled for regular delivery at your convenience.

Audience Insights

Analyze your audience and understand what products they’re investigating, the platforms they’re using and other usage patterns. This product data can be used to see what’s working for your brand, and what needs work to increase sales via ecommerce retail sites.

Company A and Company B graphs

Competitive Insights

Measure how well your rich product information is impacting your target customers as compared to key competitors. Protect your market share.

Predictive Analysis
Content Optimization Research and Education

Get a treasure trove of data to help you refine product content to sell more online with C.O.R.E. — a predictive analytics feature that delivers in-depth feedback on your product page components.

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Predictive Analytics for Retailers

Ready to boost your sales?

Product sales conversion rates are at least 10% higher when manufacturer content is present on retailer product detail pages.