News | January 31, 2017

Content is still King. But there’s a catch…

As we begin a new year, nothing excites us more than harnessing the power of our platform to help you respond to key shifts in the paradigm of how content is read and products are sold.

Rest assured that while shopper habits evolve, Content is still King. But there’s a catch: To create the immersive experiences that consumers demand, you need even better quality content. Richer. More authentic. Accessible from any device.

Today’s connected consumer is embracing user generated and influencer content at an increasingly rapid rate. Why? Because shoppers view this content as authentic, trustworthy and real. In fact, a new study shows that globally, one in five shoppers seek inspiration from UGC, and a full 70% of U.S. shoppers say that they would be more likely to buy a product after seeing positive or relatable UGC online*.

Our new offering, Montage, provides a way to activate UGC and influencer content by adding it to your content packages, breathing new life into your rich product detail pages. The Montage partner ecosystem is cool. The curated product content has personality. And we can help you deliver it to shoppers at scale across our expansive global network.

At the same time, we’ve witnessed the rise of “super-shoppers” seamlessly and ravenously consuming content across more screens than ever before – especially on mobile devices. It’s a fact that bears repeating: Your content is now viewed on mobile far more than on desktop.**

As your ecommerce partner and innovation leader in the space, we’ve got you covered. While the mobile-first, content-hungry ecommerce revolution surges on, you can rest assured that our platform is designed to support and enhance both the responsiveness and the quality of your product content to satisfy even the most demanding, connected super-shopper.

John Federman

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