Our Growing Global Retailer Network
Strong partnerships with more key retailers worldwide

We’ve got you covered: Webcollage is trusted by the largest network of brands and retailers worldwide to syndicate rich product content quickly, broadly and at scale.
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More Major Retailers

Nobody does it better. An analysis of the most heavily trafficked ecommerce sites shows that Webcollage partners with more major global retailers in key geographies than any other syndicator.* In fact, we are integrated on more global ecommerce sites of every size. And our network keeps growing at a steady rate in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. In Europe alone, our network grew by 34% in the past year.**

Real Automation

When we say we have strong partnerships, we mean it. Our “in network” retail partners have our code live on their site, enabling automated integration with no manual work required. This distinction drastically changes the coverage landscape. Others alleging to have more partners are actually live on less than one-third of the sites they claim.

We will happily provide reports and live examples to prove it.

Unequaled Quality

Coverage matters. And so does quality. Our rich product detail pages seamlessly match the look and feel of partner sites, delivering a best-in-class shopper experience from desktop to mobile. A variety of dynamic layouts and enhancements including Product Selectors and Image+, create even more engaging pages to help drive conversions.

Trusted Partner

A significant number of our referrals are from global retailers who want their vendors to work with us, because the pages assembled with our platform perform so well. We’ve partnered with market leaders for nearly 2 decades. This kind of deep, lasting engagement comes from business relationships strengthened by trust, reliability and performance.

* Alexa Global Ranking – a measure based on the web traffic data provided by users in Alexa's global data panel over a rolling 3 month period.
Traffic Ranks are updated daily.

**Webcollage data on new global retailers: June 2015-June 2016

Dedicated Global Team

With a dedicated team, boots on the ground in Europe, and support from our local and overseas offices, we have built a sound, scalable global network. From Russia to Singapore to Peru and everywhere in between, we’re working nonstop to expand our global partnerships and help you sell more.

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Retailers in the global Webcollage network:

What We’re Seeing

Retailers are enjoying online sales increases of 12% - 36%.

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