News | January 10, 2018

Our Manifesto

Our Core Values and What They Mean

With our clients, our platform and our team, we stay true to these core values:

1.     Client-Focused

Our clients are true partners; we are focused on their success. Every day we work nonstop to deliver innovative solutions that empower our clients to win, because our success is tied to their success.

Being client-focused means viewing our services through the eyes of our clients and acting as an extension of their teams — dedicated to exceed expectations, honor commitments and build lasting relationships.

2.     Relentlessly Innovative

Innovation is part of our DNA: We pioneered the platform that created the category.

As leaders in the space, we take our pursuit of innovation seriously, moving forward to deliver new and better ways for clients to harness the power of rich content and bring product stories to life.

Forever forward thinking, we stay closely attuned to where the industry is heading, always ready to embrace change and shape our offerings to help our clients transform change into new opportunities for growth.

3.     Uncompromising Integrity

We lead by example, earning trust by acting ethically and communicating openly, honestly and often. What we say is what we do. Always upfront and reliable!

4.     Driven to Excellence

For our team, it’s not just a job, it’s a passion. Everyone brings their “A” game, eager to maintain our high standards of excellence in everything we do, and driven to provide our partners with best in class products and services.

We believe in the power of our platform, which has been tested and trusted by the most demanding manufacturers and retailers and remains the standard for excellence to this day.

It is our deeply held conviction that as a team we must build on the strong foundation our platform provides and continue to top ourselves, raising the bar and achieving new levels of excellence in everything we do.

5.     Empowered Environment

Good vibes inspire great people! We understand that it’s easier to excel in an environment with positive energy, and that a sense of community and humor naturally encourages interaction and collaboration.

That’s why our culture fosters confidence and engagement in a warm, inspiring, fun environment.

Webcollage is a place where creativity, initiative and strategic thinking are rewarded as we team up to help our clients win in a growing, changing ecommerce marketplace.



KEEP our PROMISES, maintaining the highest standards of professional and ETHICAL behavior. Because doing right feels right and matters most. Remain TRUTHFUL, TRUSTWORTHY and TRANSPARENT in all communications, partnerships and actions. Transparency starts at the top and flows into everything we do. Stand FULLY ACCOUNTABLE for the high QUALITY and VALUE of our work and for the COMMITMENTS we make. RESPECT and celebrate the unique and diverse talents, experiences and perspectives of our PEOPLE and PARTNERS. Above all, MOVE FORTH with HONOR, PASSION and VISION beyond what’s conventional, embracing CREATIVITY and INNOVATION to ensure positive, lasting RESULTS. 


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