News | March 24, 2017

Partners in Growth

The truth is, even with sales projected to reach $353.6 billion* in 2017, ecommerce has reached just a fraction of its potential.

As our industry continues to grow and innovate — so do we. Our Q1 2016 broke records in a way that seemed impossible to replicate. But after closing out last year with a 32 percent increase in bookings and 50 percent growth in global retailers, we opened this year on another high note.

These results are a great validation of the investments we’ve made in our platform, and make us incredibly excited to see what this year will bring. As your partner in growth, we’ve engineered an innovative product roadmap aimed at transforming changes in consumer behavior into new opportunities.

To elevate the shopper experience, we’re investing in key consumer tools like Product Selectors, enhancing Image+, Interactive Tours and Comparison Charts. To ensure youpresent industry-leading creative, we’re revisiting and refreshing our dynamic layout design and functionality, working on new photo and video capabilities.

We’re also providing you with new learning opportunities, like our upcoming Webinar:
Create the Perfect Product Page

Today’s brands must be able to engage and connect with customers better than ever before, because you’re not just up against other brands — you’re competing with the entire Internet. As your trusted partner, we remain steadfastly focused on your success as we work together to shape the content that sells more products.

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