Guide shoppers to higher conversions

Product Selectors.

Product Selectors Overview

Provide a guided shopping experience by matching unique shopper needs with the right products and options.

Match Product to Shoppers’ Needs

Direct shoppers to their “buy now” moment by assessing their needs and usage requirements. This product discovery process will help them narrow down choices based on their answers.

Empower the Consumer

Deliver content that powers the customer experience. Highlight key features and differences between products within a category to guide shoppers through the evaluation process according to their specific needs and requirements.

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Guided Selling Tools.

Provide shoppers with Product Selectors solutions that are tailored for their unique tastes and needs. Consumers appreciate Product Selectors and the increased likelihood of finding the right item; that appreciation turns into brand trust and loyalty.

Easy Implementation

Tailor Product Selectors with rich content designed to increase shopper engagement, help in the selection of the best product option, increase ecommerce conversions and reduce the potential for returns.

Product Selectors in Action

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Ready to boost your sales?

Product sales conversion rates are at least 10% higher when manufacturer content is present on retailer product detail pages.