News | January 31, 2018

Walmart’s New Patent Could Change the Way We Shop for Groceries

Retailers are continuing to blur the lines between in-store shopping and online shopping, and Walmart’s new patent could truly change the way we shop by bringing the store to you.

Walmart recently filed for a patent on a system that would allow customers to order fresh produce and other food items by image. The images, selected by Walmart personnel, would be viewed by customers in 3D before they complete their purchase. The customer would then be able to accept or reject the item after viewing it.

Walmart’s new patent eliminates the challenge most grocery delivery services face – customers enjoy picking groceries out themselves to ensure it meets their standards. Ordering produce, meat and baked goods based on stock photos can be risky and, more often than not, the actual items don’t look exactly like the selected image. With Walmart’s new system, customers can view the physical product beforehand, eliminating the need for weekly trips to the supermarket.

It’s easy to see the benefits here. For Walmart, fewer brick-and-mortar stores and automated ordering and receiving. For the customer, total convenience.

According to the latest Brick Meets Click’s “Ecommerce Supermarket Scorecard Report,” online grocery sales are growing at 25% per year. Whether it’s Walmart, Amazon or the dozens of meal-kit and grocery delivery services, one thing is definite; online shopping is not slowing down.