News | March 29, 2016

Webcollage: The Process Solution That Supports Your Brand

This post originally ran on the 8th & Walton blog.


True innovation doesn’t happen overnight. It starts with a simple idea that evolves into something extraordinary. That’s the story of Webcollage, the online publishing platform used by suppliers and retailers worldwide. While today Webcollage is considered the standard for maintaining online brand integrity and adaptability, that wasn’t the original goal of the company. A very simple idea gave birth to what this tool is today.

When Webcollage launched in 1999, the goal was to solve for one problem: allowing customers to use different elements of their websites in other places online. If a logo appeared on your site, you no longer had to send a file elsewhere for it to appear on another site. Creating a fluid process for online consistency may have been the desired result, but the impact became much bigger. Today, this simple solution is the cornerstone of Webcollage helping suppliers maintain brand integrity and adapt to changing shopper habits.

Webcollage’s publishing dashboard, Content Publisher, has not only made rich product content management seamless between supplier and retailer, but it puts the power of the brand in the hands of the supplier. The process is as simple as uploading content (copy, images, videos, interactive tours, etc.) and selecting the desired retail sites.  All content is customized to the brand and style of the retailer.  When updates are needed, the supplier makes them in Content Publisher and publishes instantly to all subscribed retail sites. Brand messaging remains consistent on every global site from a single dashboard.

Suppliers using Webcollage rave that it “plays a major role in ensuring consumers are getting accurate and helpful information that engages the customer while exploring a product page.” In the company’s beginning, no one could have imagined a fluid content process would translate to increased retail sales. According to Webcollage, allowing suppliers to update web pages and information provided at the point-of-sale improves the chance of completing a purchase by over 30 percent.

A simple goal of process improvement blossomed into solving the issue of consistent, adaptable brand messaging over time. To take a tour of their services and how to tailor to your business goals, visit