News | June 28, 2017

Winning with Data in a Digital World

In an ecommerce landscape driven by growth and change, what will set the winners apart?

The first obvious answer is content, which plays a crucial role — a full 71 percent of online buyers rely on product information in the path to purchase*. It all starts with engagement on the product detail page, where rich content creates the experience and relationship. But not all content types are created equal.

The next step is to understand where the engagement happens and why and identify what content resonates and transforms browsers into buyers. That’s where product data and the ability to act on it become imperative. Now more than ever before, deeper insights into evolving shopper behavior — especially path to purchase and content performance — are not just nice to have; they’re essential. A new study shows that big data and predictive analytics are top investment priorities among category managers, with 82 percent of respondents saying they are behind on leveraging these metrics**.

Some key performance metrics are based on engagement, along with content views by browser and device types. Others are subtler. Armed with data on the content that generates the most shopper interaction provides a golden opportunity to optimize rich product detail pages to engage in a much deeper way, vastly improving the shopper experience and driving conversions.

To address this opportunity, we continue to grow our Analytics Suite with enhancements likeSnapshot Reports, an advanced analytics feature that leverages big data technology and takes it to a whole new visual level — putting top performing content into strong focus.

 The road to success in a growing, increasingly consumer-centric market requires a true understanding of the multitude of manners in which people shop — that’s why we collect actionable data on the rich content you publish. Alongside our in-depth analytics suite, these robust visual reporting capabilities are an exciting example of the power and flexibility of our platform.

* US Department of Commerce Q3 2016 report

**JDA Voice of the Category Manager Survey

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